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We provide comprehensive support for trademark applications and procedural preparations overseas, including preparing documents and coordinating with foreign agents. I spoke with Mr. Fukuyasu, who is in charge of these matters.

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A reliable presence that allows us to consult and proceed together from the initial stages of the application.

Pigeon Corporation, Business Strategy Div. Legal Dept.Intellectual Property Sect., Junpei Fukuyasu

Our company entrusts GMO BRAND SECURITY with various tasks, including preparations for filing overseas trademarks.

For me, rather than the typical response from a ‘call center’ or having a patent attorney directly handle inquiries, I find GMO BRAND SECURITY’s ‘dedicated sales representative’ style to be very convenient. It is invaluable to have someone who always understands our company’s situation.

When dealing directly with attorneys or patent attorneys, there are inevitably things that are difficult to communicate. However, having a dedicated sales representative mediate allows us to freely discuss any questions or minor issues. While other companies also have dedicated sales representatives, at GMO BRAND SECURITY, the sales representatives not only handle procedural consultations but also take the lead in negotiating costs and addressing special internal circumstances, making it very easy to work with them.

Most importantly, unlike patent offices where decisions on application countries and categories are made internally before proceeding, GMO BRAND SECURITY’s distinctive feature is their ability to consult and proceed together from the very initial stages of an application. I believe this sets them apart from other firms and makes them a very reassuring presence

Our company has something called ‘Pigeon Way,’ which, including our management philosophy, forms the basis of our business activities and each employee’s approach to work and behavior. This ‘Pigeon Way’ is common across all group companies, both domestically and internationally. A major strength of the Pigeon Group is that, despite different languages, it allows us to make decisions based on the same criteria. In advancing our business, the content demanded by each business unit is also considered according to the ‘Pigeon Way.’ That’s why, as much as possible, the intellectual property department tries not to reject the requests of any business unit, taking into account the sentiments of each department and progressing our deliberations under the ‘Pigeon Way.’ Therefore, it is truly valuable to have built a relationship with GMO BRAND SECURITY where we can consult from the early stages of consideration.

”Additionally, I am grateful for the flexible coordination between the dedicated sales representatives and the business representatives who act as liaisons with foreign agents. The sales representatives handle situations adeptly, and the business department responds swiftly, resulting in smooth control over foreign agents downstream. Even when problems arise, they work to unravel each issue one by one, ensuring that both our company and the foreign agents are satisfied, taking into account the intentions involved.

It is not simply a matter of placing an order and being done; our company and GMO BRAND SECURITY are able to thoroughly discuss points for reflection and improvement, allowing us to build a good relationship that enables both parties to grow and move forward together.

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