Monitoring and Infringement Response / Consulting

When a third party applies for or registers a trademark related to your company's brand, reclaiming that trademark can be extremely difficult, costly, and time-consuming. Therefore, brand monitoring is crucial to ensure smooth business operations. Additionally, our company provides support for brand strategies from a trademark perspective. We offer consulting services that include naming and analysis of competitors' trends.

Monitoring and Infringement Response

To ensure the safe and secure expansion of your business, it is essential to monitor whether other companies are freeriding on your brand. At the same time, promptly identifying brands that are identical or similar with legitimate justification is crucial in managing consent and preventing potential conflicts. This proactive monitoring is key to maintaining the integrity and value of your brand in the marketplace.

Global Trademark Watching

To prevent unauthorized trademark applications by third parties, we monitor trademark publications and registration statuses across 218 countries and regions, covering all 45 classes. We phonetically translate and interpret relevant characters and symbols to identify identical or similar trademarks. As soon as such trademarks are detected, we promptly report them via email. Additionally, these findings can be accessed through our system for convenient viewing.

China Trademark Watching

China is well-known for its high incidence of third-party bad-faith applications and a prevalent market for counterfeit goods, making regular monitoring essential. A unique characteristic of trademark management in China involves handling of Pinyin (the Romanization of Chinese characters). Even if two trademarks share the same Pinyin, they can be considered non-similar and thus both registered if their visual appearance (character strings) differs. Given this environment prone to trademark conflicts, it is crucial to also verify business advantages from a trademark monitoring perspective to ensure brand protection.

Objection and Various Adjudication Procedure Support

Even if a third party has filed for rights without permission, there are remedies available. Filing an objection or a request for cancellation of a trademark registration are examples of such remedies. However, the systems vary by country, and it is necessary to tailor actions to each jurisdiction. Our firm collaborates with lawyers and partners around the world, allowing you to confidently rely on us to handle these situations effectively.


Competitor Trademark Analysis

Not only are you required to acquire trademarks but also to implement appropriate trademark strategies based on medium-term plans and competitive trends. Our company supports the practice of these trademark strategies not only by providing rights information related to trademarks but also by incorporating economic and digital data. As a result, we offer guidance on revising brand structures and naming methods, as well as on prioritizing trademark applications. This comprehensive approach helps firms effectively strengthen and protect their brand identity in the marketplace.

Naming Services

In collaboration with design firms that have extensive experience abroad, we begin with an inventory and review of the brand structure, and then provide support for brand naming and logo creation. The value of our naming services lies in our ability to provide names that have a high likelihood of being registrable. From the initial stages of naming, we collaborate with designers, enabling us to suggest names that consider prior similar trademarks and distinctiveness, ensuring both uniqueness and compliance with trademark laws.

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