Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd (JPRS)


.jp Domain Name Registration Information search
domain owner information, administrative contact information, nameserver details, registration date, and expiration date verification
Past Information Search feature to review historical domain registration data

Investigation Tools


Search for Various Information Related to Domain Names

super DIG


Comprehensive DNS Information Search
Simultaneous investigation of multiple domain names, IP addresses, and MX records
Historical Data Search
Advanced features including record types, zone transfers, DNSSEC records, and reverse lookup capabilities


National Patent Offices


USA, EU, Japan, South Korea, China

Provision of joint projects, news, events, and statistical information related to trademarks.


EU, Asia, and other regions

Tool to facilitate the classification of goods and services required for trademark registration.

Investigation Tools

Information Provision & Support

Patent Salon


Publication of Links to News Articles on Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Other Intellectual Property.

Brand Security

Information Provision & Support

Anti-Phishing Working Group


Reporting of phishing information
Viewing phishing information
Collecting information on phishing countermeasures


Information Provision & Support

GMO Internet Group Security Services

Cryptographic Security

Electronic Seal GMO Sign


Exceptional cost-performance ratio and high functionality.
Compared to similar services from other companies, our service offers nearly half the transmission fee per transmission, while providing a comprehensive range of standard features.
Furthermore, features such as permission settings and viewing restrictions unique to electronic contracts enable enhanced governance.

Quick Authentication SSL by GMO


GMO GlobalSign offers SSL server certificates that authenticate only the domain, requiring no document submission and issuing the certificate in as little as 2 minutes. They provide this service at a low annual price of 34,800 yen (excluding tax). Additionally, if it's the same common name, you can copy the certificate and install it an unlimited number of times.


Vulnerability Diagnosis & Penetration Test


Web application diagnostics, network diagnostics, web penetration testing, AI security diagnostics for GPT, mobile app diagnostics, internal network penetration testing, red team exercises, game cheat protection penetration testing, cloud diagnostics, IoT penetration testing, NFT and blockchain diagnostics, desktop app diagnostics

Security Diagnosis


Utilizing a unique diagnostic style and advanced technical skills, we provide meticulous reporting from a developer's perspective. Our strength lies in adapting to modern technology stacks without relying on black-box methods, supporting security practices without compromising business or development speed. This approach ensures the implementation of security measures that prioritize the developer experience.

GMO Cyber Attack Net de Diagnosis


Attack Surface Management (ASM) tool that diagnoses vulnerabilities from external attacks and streamlines the management of IT assets. It supports corporate security measures through weekly automated scans for vulnerability data, operational support from experts, and regular security diagnostics

Shisho Cloud


AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure evaluations, Firebase diagnostics, web application assessments, smartphone app reviews, and smartphone game tests. Platform diagnostics, IoT evaluations, penetration testing, SPA (Single Page Application) diagnostics, GraphQL assessments, blockchain evaluations, white-box diagnostics, and risk-focused planning.



Hands-on exercises designed for developers to learn through attacks and code correction. Through practical exercises, participants can learn about critical security vulnerabilities in web application development, such as those in the OWASP Top 10, and gain security-conscious development skills by actually writing and correcting code

Domain and Trademark Database
Brand Portfolio Management System BRANTECT byGMO

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