IPv4 Address Services

The depletion of IPv4 addresses is a significant issue for internet usage. As the number of internet-connected devices continues to grow worldwide, the demand for limited IPv4 address resources far exceeds the supply. To address this imbalance and support the sustainable development of the internet environment, we offer IPv4 address transfer and rental services. By effectively utilizing unused IPv4 addresses, we aim to contribute to alleviating the depletion issue and ensuring internet access for everyone.

Premium IPv4 Address Transfer Service

This service involves the paid transfer of IPv4 addresses that were directly allocated by international IP address allocation organizations, bypassing providers. These addresses, which are provider-independent due to their historical context, are currently unused or no longer needed and are transferred to businesses that require them.

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IPv4 Address Rental Service

Our company will purchase the IPv4 addresses you own. Even after selling them, you can continue to use the addresses you need by renting them from us. We will buy all of your IPv4 addresses, whether they are in use or not. The funds obtained from the sale can be utilized for various business needs, such as digital transformation (DX) and security enhancement. This service enables quick funding and effective utilization of addresses.

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Brand Naming and Support Services

The preliminary research necessary for naming, such as checking for negative meanings in multiple languages and understanding trademark systems in various countries, is extensive and requires specialized knowledge. Additionally, it can incur unexpectedly high costs. We leverage our expertise in trademark registration support and research, as well as our network of local agents overseas, to offer efficient research at reasonable costs. Regardless of the scale of your business, we provide seamless support from the naming stage of product or service names to trademark registration.

Naming Consulting

We collaborate with professionals specializing in naming and logo development (hereafter referred to as partners) to propose the most suitable names. A key feature of our service is our partnership from the initial development stage. We conduct interviews with our clients together with our partners, and while verifying distinctive words and the density of existing similar trademarks, we aim to create names with the highest possible likelihood of registration.

nomyne byGMO

Using a dedicated naming search engine, we can discover similar names that may not be found through keyword searches. We also offer a research tool that allows you to easily check for negative connotations and similarities in multiple languages, with some features available for free.

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Premium IPv4 Address Transfer Service

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