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On May 28, 2024, we launched new features (beta version) focusing on domain management for our cloud-based brand management service "BRANTECT byGMO" (*1).

Managing digital brand assets, including domain names, DNS, and SSL, has been a complex task for our customers, who have requested a unified management solution. In response, we have developed a comprehensive management system that now includes bulk DNS record changes and data visualization. This beta release will allow us to gather customer feedback and work towards a full release in Spring 2025. "BRANTECT byGMO" aims to meet customer needs and ensure efficient digital brand asset management.

This release includes the following new features:

Domain Name and Trademark Dashboard:

The dashboard visualizes the number of managed domain names and trademarks, and features a new design. The portfolio feature provides an overview of the brand's current status, aiding in strategic planning.

Multi-DNS Manager:
Integration with major cloud vendors like AWS allows DNS record settings to be managed directly from "BRANTECT byGMO." This significantly reduces setup tasks and improves management efficiency.

Website Management Function:
Management is now possible at the URL (FQDN) level, providing insight into website administrators and the status of SSL/TLS certificate issuance. Additionally, integration with GMO Cybersecurity's "GMO Cyberattack Net Diagnosis" (*2) enables server vulnerability monitoring, enhancing website security.

"BRANTECT byGMO" will continue to expand its features, with new beta functionalities becoming available for review. We will keep you updated with release information.

Contact Us:
For more details or inquiries about "BRANTECT byGMO," please feel free to contact us here.

(*2) GMO Cyberattack Net Diagnosis:

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