Monitoring and Infringement Response / Protection / Consulting

Brand infringement is a daily and ever-evolving challenge. To counteract this, we offer comprehensive monitoring services. For identified brand infringements, we provide robust countermeasures, including site removal and domain name recovery. Additionally, our consulting services offer in-depth analysis of competitors' domain management and DNS configuration, ensuring your brand remains secure and resilient.

Monitoring & Infringement Response

Malicious entities often acquire domain names that can damage your brand, using them for illicit activities such as adult content, impersonation, or phishing. We offer one-stop solutions—from detection and monitoring to resolution—incorporating site closure, arbitration, and negotiation. Our approach combines the expertise of seasoned consultants and attorneys across various jurisdictions to ensure swift and effective resolutions.

Detection & Monitoring Tools GMO BRAND SURVEILLANCE For Domain Names

We actively monitor domain names that include your brand or specific keywords, identifying potential risks. Our online systems allow for continuous surveillance, while our experienced analysts handle risk assessment and reporting, ensuring that your digital assets are protected at all times.

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Brand Infringement Countermeasures GMO Enforce1

If a malicious party misuses a domain name to damage your brand, we collaborate with registrars, hosting providers, and legal experts worldwide to facilitate the recovery process. This includes site takedowns and negotiations, with services extending to social media and e-commerce platforms for comprehensive brand protection.

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Dispute Resolution Support

We provide expert support for arbitration filings with global intellectual property organizations, including the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Our goal is to recover domains that have been wrongfully acquired or used by third parties. With a proven track record based on ICANN's Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and similar arbitration systems, our firm boasts a high success rate in reclaiming rightfully owned domains.

Transfer Negotiation Support

When third parties hold domain names that you wish to acquire, or if your company's corporate or brand-related domain names are being misused in a way that could damage your brand image, we offer negotiation support for transferring these domain names. Our team works on behalf of your company to ensure the successful acquisition of domain names, protecting your brand integrity and rights.


Domain Name Protection now goes beyond simple acquisition; modern blocking services have become essential. With our services, you can prevent unauthorized parties from acquiring target domain names without needing to register new ones. This proactive blocking approach enables efficient and cost-effective brand management.

GMO Domain Block

Our service packages domain names by business area, allowing you to acquire necessary domains in bulk rather than individually. This method significantly reduces costs and streamlines the process, ensuring efficient brand protection.

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Operated by Brand Safety Alliance LLC, this service is among the world’s largest blocking services, covering hundreds of TLDs. It prevents registration of domain names that match or resemble your trademarks, solidifying your brand’s defense against infringement.


Managed by ICM Registry, this service specifically targets adult content, preventing the unauthorized registration of domain names under four top-level domains, thus safeguarding your brand.


Effective domain name management is crucial for minimizing internet-based risks. Our services include developing guidelines for proper domain management based on comprehensive situational analyses, addressing any discrepancies found. This strategy ensures that your domains are managed effectively, reducing potential risks and enhancing brand protection.

Domain Name Guidelines

We streamline domain management by defining clear roles for responsible and related departments, setting robust rules for the use and protection of domain names. This approach not only reduces unnecessary acquisition costs but also minimizes the risk of misuse, thereby simplifying management tasks while preserving your brand’s value.

Brand TLD Operations

While many companies own Brand TLDs, integrating them with existing domain names can be challenging. We offer migration plans tailored to your marketing and business strategies, provide operational reports, and facilitate meetings with successful brand owners. As a part of GMO Internet Group, we are uniquely positioned to deliver these specialized services having the leading customer share for Brand TLDs in Japan

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