SSL/TLS (Server Certificates) / NFT Domains

Our suite of GMO Internet Group services encompasses SSL/TLS (Server Certificates), cybersecurity, hosting solutions, and SEO strategies, making us your one-stop solution for enhancing digital security. We also provide innovative Web3.0 services, including NFT domains, to prepare your business for the future of digital asset management.

SSL/TLS (Server Certificates)

SSL/TLS certificates play a vital role in encrypting internet data communications and protecting sensitive information, significantly boosting the security of your website. To reinforce your site’s credibility, we recommend issuing server certificates that meet or exceed Organizational Validation (OV) standards. Our experienced team is fully equipped to manage the issuance and ongoing administration of these certificates, ensuring that your online operations are both secure and trustworthy.

SSL Server Certificates

"GlobalSign by GMO" offers a variety of plans to reduce costs and effort. For example, if profiles are consistent, the examination can be streamlined, saving time for busy professionals. Furthermore, certificates sharing the same common name can be installed on an unlimited number of servers without additional costs. We also offer comprehensive outsourcing services for certificate issuance and management, significantly reducing the administrative burden.

GMO Instant SSL

In partnership with GMO GlobalSign Holdings' electronic contract service, "GMO Sign, "GMO Instant SSL revolutionizes the SSL certificate issuance process. What traditionally took several days can now be accomplished online in just one business day. Focused on high-reliability Organizational Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) SSL server certificates, our service guarantees fast, flexible issuance without the constraints of time or location.

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NFT Domains

NFT domains utilize blockchain technology such as Ethereum to usher in a new generation of domain names. Unlike traditional domains, NFT domains operate without a centralized authority like ICANN, granting full ownership rights to the acquirer. This autonomy allows owners significant freedom in using and managing their domains. The applications for NFT domains are expanding, currently used for cryptocurrency wallet addresses, publishing websites on Web3, and expressing digital identities. The growth of NFTs continues to draw significant attention.

Securing NFT Domains with Advanced Protection

In partnership with Unstoppable Domains, the world's largest NFT domain registry, our service enables brand owners and trademark holders to acquire protected NFT domains under specific conditions. As the popularity of NFT domains continues to rise, we are committed to expanding our services to meet the dynamic needs of the digital landscape, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the realm of digital asset management.

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