Understanding the Current Situation

In conducting situational analysis, our specialized consultants, experienced in managing domain names for numerous major corporations, will investigate your company’s internal usage to check for unauthorized use of domain names related to your company name, brand, products, and services. They will also verify the implementation of security measures such as SSL, DNSSEC, and registry locks. Based on these findings, we will assist in developing guidelines to support the implementation of proper domain name management.

Preliminary Survey for Situational Analysis GMO Domain Doctor

Simply specify the domain name string you wish to investigate and answer a few questions to diagnose the current registration and management status of domain names within your company. We perform tailored scoring based on your industry and company size, enabling visualization of internal management status.

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Past Registration Status Investigation GMO BRAND SURVEILLANCE for Domain Names

Specify the domain name details you need reviewed, and our experts will thoroughly assess the historical registration and usage patterns. Our specialized consultants will evaluate the risks associated with each domain, utilizing information from registrants such as group companies or affiliates to gain deep insights into internal usage. This analysis supports the development of comprehensive whitelists and risk management strategies, enhancing your brand's security framework.

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Name Server Configuration Audit Domain and Subdomain Security Audits

In the complex digital ecosystem, effective management of both domain names and subdomains is essential to maintain your brand's integrity. Sometimes, critical subdomain information may remain on providers' servers even after main domain data is removed due to service terminations or changes. Such oversights can be exploited by malicious actors. Our thorough security audits are designed to identify and resolve these vulnerabilities, ensuring robust protection against unauthorized use and external threats.

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