GMO Enforce1should deal with any brand damage on the Internet.
Omnidirectional, speedy, low cost support to

Overwhelmingly wide coverage.

Deletion of websites, e-commerce sites, SNS pages, response to warnings, domain arbitration proceedings we will support you. We can also support support not listed above, so please feel free to contact us first.

*If legal action against the risk of brand damage is required, we will not directly implement it. Legal action will be handled either through an expert in the country concerned or by referral to an expert in the country concerned.

Web breaches on the rise

Due to the rapid progress of online purchasing behavior and information dissemination through SNS, Brand damage on the Internet is on the rise.
We live in an age where it is necessary to deal with the risk of brand damage from malicious third parties.

*Japan Cyber crime Control Center

Three features of GMO Enforce1

Wide coverage

So far Numerous correspondence achievements know-how and Domestic and international partner network we will take full advantage of and respond to a wide range of brand damage on the Internet.


From your request Minimum 3 business days we will take care of it. Our members, who have extensive knowledge of the "threats" that exist on the Internet that lead to brand damage, will respond speedily.

Low price

Minimum 10,000 yen available from by utilizing our know-how, we select the optimal action against threats and lead to problem resolution at minimal cost.


We will introduce various past cases.

Sites with content that damages the brand are found here and there.

Website deletion support alert response support

It is possible to respond by sending a warning letter to content owners, hosting companies, domain owners, etc.

There is an impersonation account, and complaints are coming from users.

SNS deletion support

You can apply for deletion of posts and accounts based on rights such as trademark rights from the infringement report form on the SNS site.

Counterfeit products are being sold using our company's logo.

EC site deletion support

If it is possible to determine that the product is counterfeit from the listing image and description, it is possible to delete the listing information.

A domain using our trademark or brand is used.

Domain arbitration support

It is possible to cancel the use of the domain name or negotiate the transfer of the domain name against registration and use for illegal purposes.

Usage flow

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is an emergency on the Internet that may damage your brand.


A representative from our company will ask you about the specifics, and will inform you of the response method and the number of days to complete the response.

Response start

We support optimal actions based on our experience and know-how.

Response completed

We will inform you about the corresponding contents. We also provide consultation and suggestions for future countermeasures and preventive measures.

Brand damage risk to omnidirectional support

If you are worried about the response, please contact us first.


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